• 2016 - Develop a Website listing EPC Companies and Decision on the Way Forward; Continue with the Website listing EPC Companies or Establish an EPC Company                             or Sale of the EPC.Company



EPC.COMPANY shall either be an EPC Company or a website listing EPC companies, with the core purpose remaining the same: serving clients looking for an EPC Company.

I had been looking for an EPC Company fit for a Project I had been pursuing when I decided to develop a website which may list all EPC Companies fit for different projects in different territories. I needed a domain name for the purpose which should be short, memorable and self-explanatory. 
I think I found it, and I am very happy that now I own the EPC.COMPANY of the world wide web.
I had also started receiving attractive offers from various companies and individuals for acquiring my EPC.COMPANY which showed that it was also a good investment. I had refused offers to date and I don't have any intention to give it till I decide on what I shall be doing with my EPC.COMPANY.
I wish to thank for all those willing to acquire my EPC.COMPANY and all visitors who might have browsed and accessed to my EPC.COMPANY. 

I also wish a happier and more prosperous days ahead in a world in peace. 

The EPC.Company has a lot to offer 

Owner of the EPC.Company


An EPC.Company should always deliver on time, within budget, without compromising from quality, safety and environmental requirements and in conformance with the terms of contract.


Sustainability and reputation depends on results. An EPC Company's reputation is only as good as the results of its last job. The deliverables should match with commitments and expectations.


  • 2015 - EPC.Company domain acquired.
  • 2015 - Temporary website launched.